The kids are in a biography study in their reading program.  I sent Emily, with her dad, to the library to pick up a couple new biographies.  She came home with a Florence Nightingale book and a few others.  I make note of the Nightingale book because she was "the founder of modern nursing".  I was so pleased that she chose that book, because I am a Registered Nurse.  It pleased me because I knew it was an expression of her love to me.  She is such a sweet girl.  When she flipped open the Nightingale book, she flipped out.  "MOM, LOOK AT THIS!", she said.  To our amazement...

I was not only the first person to check out and read that book, but in about a 24 year span we were the ONLY two people that ever to check it out!

I don't remember wanting to be a nurse at the age when I read that book.  I wanted to be a teacher.  Funny!

It made for a great memory!


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